Frequently Asked Questions

An Interpreter is a qualified professional who facilitates communication between people who speak or sign a different language. They take a spoken or sign language and convert it accurately and objectively into another language to enable communication between two parties who do not share a common language.

A Certified interpreter has been tested and screened through a national registry and proven
competent and qualified to work as an interpreter. A person may be qualified if shown proficiency through an agency or screening panel. A person may know  a language but not be in compliance with professional codes of conduct which is vital in professional interpreting.

Absolutely! Especially if said provider is open to everyone. If a facility receives any government funding they must provide for your needs.

Any appointment you desire clear and vital communication. Medical, Legal, Education, Entertainment etc.

Here at First Coast Sign Language Interpreting, we have a variety of qualified and certified professionals ready to facilitate the line of communication. we offer in person and VRI interpreting services for all appointments and events in over 30 spoken  languages  and American Sign Language. Contact us by ( possibly link the form for request here)